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our executive team

Our executive team is responsible for the leadership and management of the Financial Ombudsman Service – and is directly accountable to our board of non-executive directors.

image: Caroline Wayman

Caroline Wayman
chief ombudsman & chief executive

image: Julia Cavanagh

Julia Cavanagh
chief financial officer

image: David Cresswell

David Cresswell
director of insight and engagement

image: Chris McDermott

Chris McDermott
chief operating officer

image: Annette Lovell

Annette Lovell
director of policy, knowledge and stakeholder relations

image: Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
principal ombudsman and quality director

image: Jacquie Wiggett

Jacquie Wiggett
director of human resources (HR) and organisational development

image: Garry Wilkinson

Garry Wilkinson
principal ombudsman and director of new services